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Child & Youth Counselling

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Meet Michelle

Michelle is a Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor with an energized passion for serving children, youth, and families within Ottawa and surrounding area.

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With a vested interest in strengthening family relationships, Michelle’s approach to Counselling is kind, curious, and practical. Michelle offers families a warm, comfortable space to move through their challenges together while highlighting their individual and collective strengths.

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Education & Experience

Michelle has enjoyed an array of relevant career and training opportunities that have further informed her work as a Psychotherapist working with children, youth, and families.

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Each session is 50-minutes in length at a rate of $150.00 +HST. Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or e-transfer; payment is made at the time of the appointment.


While Counselling and Psychotherapy Services are not covered through OHIP, Michelle is supervised by Dr. Laura Armstrong (Ontario Registration #5809) at: http://www.tomorrowme.ca and therefore, services are covered by most third party health insurance plans. Following each session, you will receive an official receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

It may be useful to check with your insurance provider prior to the first appointment to determine if coverage for counselling services are included in your plan. Psychotherapy receipts that have not been reimbursed by health insurance plans can be used to receive deductions on your taxes.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a scheduled counselling session, it is advised that you call to indicate this absence 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so could result in a charge of the regular appointment fee. Exceptions to this policy would be made in emergency situations.

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    Reach out to Michelle by phone, email, or by completing this confidential online form to schedule your first session together, or to share any questions you may have.

    (613) 324-0948


    2081 Merivale Rd, Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario

    Situated at Robertson Therapy & Counselling within the Country Place Campus

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am thinking about seeking counselling services for my child, youth, and/or family. What is my next step?

    Making the decision to seek Counselling support can feel daunting and frightening for families. To connect with Michelle, email her at info@michellebereznycounselling.com, call (613)-324-0948 or complete this confidential online form to book your first session together. Feel free to ask questions and express any reluctance you may be feeling.

    Is what I say in Counselling kept confidential?

    What you talk about in your sessions with a Counsellor is kept confidential, except in situations where harm has or might happen to you or others if we do not let the right supports know what is going on. These are the four circumstances that would require a Counsellor to break confidentiality in order to keep you or someone else safe:

    1. If you report that you or someone you know under the age of 16 is being abused,
    2. If you report that you/someone you know is in immediate danger of harming yourself/themselves or others,
    3. If a judge orders that a Counsellor’s information be provided in court proceedings,
    4. If you report that a regulated health professional has engaged in sexual misconduct with you or someone you know.
    I’m 13-years old and I don’t want my parents to be involved in Counselling with me; is this okay?

    Michelle strongly believes that partnerships with parents can be helpful in many circumstances. Although Michelle will usually encourage the involvement of parents or caregivers, a youth who is 12-years old and older has a legal right to private, confidential counselling services, and may therefore meet on their own with a Counsellor.

    Are there any risks involved in participating in Counselling Services?

    Participating in Counselling can sometimes bring to the surface difficult thoughts and feelings; however, Michelle provides children, youth, and families with a warm, safe, and non-judgemental space to work through these challenging feelings together.

    Some benefits to Counselling include:

    -Feeling heard and understood,

    -Developing new ways to cope with a problem or challenging feelings,

    -Feeling less worried, sad, or angry,

    -Preventing a temporary problem from becoming worse,

    -Feeling less isolated,

    -Becoming connected to other helpful resources in your community.

    How often do I attend Counselling?

    The frequency of sessions is truly dependent on your unique individual needs and goals; however, it is typical for clients to attend sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis.


    “It takes a village to raise a child”

    -African Proverb
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    The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)


    Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)


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