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For Youth:
Children Age 12+

Youth of this age have the right to request private and confidential counselling and are therefore able to access one-on-one psychotherapy services; however, Michelle also has a strong passion for working with youth and their parent/guardian/family member within the psychotherapy process if the youth is agreeable to this. In this situation, some examples of issues explored may include: parent-child conflict, support following a parental separation/divorce, support for parents experiencing differing parenting styles, loss of trust and respect.

Children Under Age 12

Michelle strongly encourages the ongoing participation of parents/guardians/other family members within the counselling work in order to wrap around the child in a supportive, collaborative way. Since children and youth are still developing the vocabulary which allows them to express their thoughts and feelings, psychotherapy with children must take on a different form. Based on the unique needs of the child, Michelle uses creative forms of therapy, such as play and artistic expression, while meeting the child where they are at.


Very often, feelings of hurt, fear, and sadness can present as physical complaints such as tummy aches or headaches. Michelle aims to alleviate some of these challenging symptoms by:

·    Naming these pesky fears and anxieties

·    Developing a toolbox of useful coping skills to give children and youth more control

·    Psychoeducation regarding temperament and development for children, youth, and parents

·    Strategies for pushing back against social anxiety

·    Providing a healthy outlet for expressing feelings of grief from the loss of a parent, friend, or pet

·    Tools for developing a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence

·    Enhancing social skills; learning to make and maintain healthy friendships

·    Expressive art activities to help children process difficult feelings such as anger, sadness, and        grief

For Youth
For Families:

Sometimes families encounter seasons in their lives that present challenges and difficulties for all or some members. Because children are part of a greater system, often times family counselling is the best mode of practice to help the child or adolescent find the strength and support he or she needs to overcome potential difficulties.


Michelle provides a space for the family system to come together and learn to identify and utilize their individual and collective strengths in order to move through these road blocks together, while relieving feelings of frustration and disconnect. This may involve working with the entire family, or certain members of the family as necessary. Some issues for which families seek psychotherapy include:

·       Ineffective communication

·       Enhancing parenting skills

·       Differing parenting styles between parents/guardians

·       Moving through separation and divorce

·       Challenges in blended families

·       Differentiation and developing identity among adolescents

·       Communication with “tweens” and teens

·       Processing family trauma

·       Secrets in the family

·       Processing feelings of grief after the loss of a loved one

·       Pursuer-distancer dynamics in the family

·       Triangulation between family members

For Families
For Adults
For Adults:

Life is constantly shifting and changing; facing these transitions singularly can certainly feel overwhelming and lonely. With curiosity and compassion, Michelle’s goal is to explore these struggles in a safe and comfortable environment, allowing you to feel seen and heard.


Individual psychotherapy is a unique process that can support you in the areas of your life where you feel stuck and increase your understanding of the way you engage with the world and with yourself. Whether you’re looking to explore topics from your past, present or planning for your future, individual psychotherapy creates space for you to focus on this portion of your timeline’s effect on your overall quality of life. Some issues for which adults seek psychotherapy include:

·       Anxiety

·       Depression

·       Transitions or life changes

·       Grief and loss

·       Low self-esteem

·       Difficulty regulating emotions

·       Struggles with interpersonal relationships

·       Anger issues

·       Financial stress

·       Recovery from trauma

·       Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

·       Job stress or academic struggles

·       Recurring life issues that are difficult to change

·       The need for a safe space to process difficult memories and life    


For Couples:

While psychotherapy for couples can be instrumental in restoring balance to relationships in crisis, it can also serve to support, strengthen, and maintain the health of any relationship. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your relationship, or in the throes of marriage and parenting life with young children, Michelle’s passion is in helping couples create and sustain a secure bond, connection, and partnership with each other so that they can handle all the things that life brings, while maintaining actual fulfillment in their relationship long term.


Strong, loving relationships require regular maintenance and daily commitment to clear out the buildup of any unhealthy patterns. Psychotherapy for couples can teach you proven techniques to reframe daily challenges and prevent an arising issue from becoming a persistent issue. Some issues for which couples seek psychotherapy include:


·       Issues with trust

·       Healing from infidelity

·       A new child, job, or move

·       Conflict involving in-laws

·       Financial strain

·       Frequent arguments

·       Poor communication

·       Intimacy problems

·       A desire for more openness and greater connection​

For Couples
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